John O'Brien

is an accomplished performer, recording artist and song writer who has been actively performing in the music scene for more than four decades. 

He has performed all over the world and has released seven previous albums in his career.

His performing skills and original recordings have caught the attention of audiences and the music media with extensive airplay on stations, including SiriusXM and multiple streaming platforms.  

His new live performing act, the John O’Brien Band, has been performing at shows and festivals playing his  originals and creative adaptation of unforgettable timeless pieces for significant audiences. His live act is lively and dynamic. 

He has released his new album entitled “The Love You Need” comprised entirely of original songs. Many talented musicians have graced the album cuts. It was recorded at Full Sail Studios in Orlando and Eclipse Studio in his hometown St. Augustine, Florida. 

A major international promotion of the album and concert tour is being planned. The single releases from the new album have already received hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams all over the world. 

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